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1st Annual Fall Indoor Soccer Tournament

By Brockville Soccer, 12/02/23, 12:00PM EST


Brockville Soccer just completed its first annual indoor soccer tournament.

Brockville Soccer has just completed its 1st Annual Fall Indoor Soccer Tournament on November 25. Despite the possible terrible timing of the tournament, which fell on the same day as many Christmas bazaars, the Brockville Santa Clause Parade, and more, there was a fantastic turnout in Athens for the U9 and U11 divisions.

U9 Division

At Athens District High School, the U9's were up bright and early to start their tournament. Teams played from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, each playing 2 games. Scores were close, and the two teams who made it to the finals were Chevron Construction and Kathy MacDonald HomeLife. In a hard fought battle of teams and skill, Kathy MacDonald won the tournament in the U9 division. The cheering from the spectators during the entire tournament was enough to make every kid who played proud and each player had huge smiles on their faces. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did at the tournament and especially playing in such a big facility!


This division always brings so much heart and skill to their games. The U11 division played in the afternoon beginning at 1:30pm and ending around 5:00pm at Athens District High School.  A community favourite, the girls' U12 competitive team, also plays in this division. This team is such fierce competition and is one of the division's top teams. All teams fought hard for a spot in the finals. Both pools came down to the final game to decide which teams would move on. In Pool B, Mustang Ridge (the U12 girls' competitive team), beat out George Street Dental in a shoot out to continue on to the finals. James Ross met Mustang Ridge in a nail-biter of a final game. In the last few minutes of the game, James Ross scored the winning goal, narrowly defeating Mustang Ridge. All teams played so well and although some tears were shed, it was only because they play so hard and really put their hearts into the game.

Brockville Soccer is so proud of every player who came out to play this weekend! It is always so enjoyable to watch you play and see how much fun you have! Some pictures and videos are below from the U9 and U11 tournament.


The U7 division played at Thousand Island Secondary School beginning at 9:00 am. All teams had a blast and really enjoyed their tournament. tournaments! We received great feedback from parents whose children were nervous at the start of the tournament, but really came out of their shell and enjoyed themselves at the tournament, especially with this age group.


The U13/15 division played at Thousand Island Secondary School beginning at 1:30 pm. All teams had a blast and really enjoyed their tournament. The coaches enjoyed themselves so much that they forgot to take pictures!

We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!