Fall Indoor

Fall Indoor session begins this Wednesday, October 20th at Stingers we have 2 groups one at 530pm and one at 630pm.

If your child’s last name begins with A to J you are to show up at 530pm.

if your child’s last name begins K to Z you are to show up at  630pm.

Coach Shane Geraghty will then after week 1 with help make 4 teams and the next 7 weeks will be a league. We will share teams and a schedule before next week.

Please remember that Stingers expects proof of vaccination to be shown at the doors for those required to do so.  There is also a tracking book to sign into at the door.

Kids should bring there own water bottles and wear masks into the field area then remove them once on the field of play.  Indoor shoes or flats work best on the turf in Stingers, cleats do not.  Shin pads and socks should be worn and parents are allowed to watch.  Stingers capacity is 250.